Top Gardening Hacks for Those Green Fingers

Gardening is therapeutic, calming, and a great way to spend time in nature. If you are an avid gardener, you will love these tips. These hacks will make you more environmentally friendly, save you money and much more. We buy all of our gardening supplies at Lowes or Home Depot.

Use lemon rinds to start seedlings. Cut lemons in half and remove the flesh. Add soil and your seedlings. Now you have a natural planter that is also environmentally friendly and smells good.

Homemade watering can. Instead of spending money on buying watering cans, recycle old milk or water bottles and make your own. Punch small holes in the cap and voila. Now you have a gallon of water, a good handle for holding, and you did the environment a favor.

Shower caddies as planters. Shower caddies and other bathroom holders can be great planters. You can hang them on the wall, add a sail to each one to keep the soil inside, and plant. You now have a beautiful hanging herb garden.

Planters from toilet paper rolls. Toilet paper rolls are biodegradable and can make great planters. If you want to plant small seeds for herbs, use a toilet paper roll to make one. You need to cut and fold and voila. These are also very cute.

Coffee grounds are fertilizers. Use leftover coffee grounds as a form of fertilizer. Add them to the soil in your planters to enrich the soil and keep away pests.

Baking soda makes for sweeter tomatoes. Add baking soda to the soil in which your tomato plants are planted. This will get them taste less tart and add more delicious taste.

Back to school. Grow seeds that have been lying around for a while on a wet paper towel like you did in school. This will show you whether the seeds are still good to be planted or not.

It is very easy to use household items to make gardening easier and keep costs down. Recycling old bottles, broken cups, and different containers for planters will make your garden colorful, environmentally friendly, and fun.