Get Hung Up on Small Things is a life hack blog that will make your life simpler, more cost-effective, and more fun. I have some interesting, weird, astounding, and wonderful hacks to share. I have been gathering and trying out different tips and tricks for more than 10 years. I can honestly say that I have seen and tried things that most people have never even thought of.

I am Raymond Brown and I am a life-hack expert. My life is very interesting and at times very weird. My house is full of hacks and my garden is very colourful and filled with recycled goodies. My reason for starting this blog is two-fold. I want to help people live their lives more fully and with less stress and more time. I also want people to be more environmentally friendly by recycling and using things they already have to make life easier.

I hope that this blog will help you declutter, re-use, recycle and be creative. I no longer recall what life was like before I started hacking. Now, my whole day consists of doing things faster and easier or inventing ways to do things faster or easier.

Welcome to the crazy and exciting world of life hacks. Welcome to Get Hung Up on Small Things!