Parenting Hacks that Will Change Your Life

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding and one of the hardest things that any person will ever do. Our children bring joy to our lives; they bring frustration, exhaustion, and tons of love. To help you be a better parent or at least make difficult parenting situations easier, we have a few parenting hacks you can try.

Get a baby mop outfit. Dress your baby in a baby mop outfit and allow him to have fun while helping you to clean the house.

Use a baby shower cap. This cap that almost looks like a big flower contributes to letting the water run off away from your baby’s eyes and face. This will make bath time a bit less traumatic.

Put cardboard over stairs to make a slide. Your kids will love you, and it is an excellent way to keep them busy when the weather is bad or the school holidays are getting too long.

Make chores a game. The more fun and interesting you make cleaning a room, sweeping the floor, taking out the trash, or feeding the dog, the more likely you are to get results. Chores that are fun do not work and is easier to establish a routine.

Give kids fake remotes. If you like playing Xbox or PlayStation games, allow your kids to play along. The trick is to give them remotes that are unplugged. They will never know.


Make a hammock from a sheet. Use a large sheet, curtain, or tablecloth and tie it across the underside of a table. Create a little hammock under the table. Your kid will love the swinging, it feels like a fort, and it will give them a fun rest.

Spare your banisters. Instead of nailing baby gates to your banisters, use cable ties. They cause less damage and is much easier to remove when your child is all grown up.

These hacks will make your babies happy, allow them to have fun, and allow you to breathe a little. Parenting should, after all, also be fun and exciting.


5 Kitchen Life-Hacks to Make Your Cooking Faster, Easier, and More Fun

Cooking is one of my favorite things to do. However, some days, life just does not allow for the cooking and inevitable cleaning that follows. On days with little to no time for cooking, I make use of these hacks. They have saved me time and kept my family happy several times.

  1. Bake bacon – Instead of frying bacon in a pan, pop them in the oven to bake. Not only are they crispier, cooked all the way through, and delicious, they also require less work this way.
  2. Pancake hacks – Use an icing dispenser to pour pancake batter into the shapes you want. You can also use cookie cutters to make fun shaped pancakes. Just put the cookie cutters in the pan and pour the batter in. Soon you will have pancakes shaped like Christmas trees, stars, etc.
  3. Eggshell removal – We have all had pieces of eggshell end up in our mixing bowls. You have probably struggled many minutes of your life away trying to get it out. Now you won’t have to. Wet your fingers and remove the eggshell-like that. It will stick to your fingers and save you a lot of time.
  4. Soften butter in a minute – Cold butter is hard to cut and spread, and melted butter is not what we want. To help you get the right consistency, use this hack. Warm a glass by running some hot water over it or put it in the microwave. Place the glass over the piece of butter, and it will soften in no time without melting.
  5. Cherry tomato cutting – Place cherry tomatoes between two same-sized lids and cut them in half with one slice. No more wasting time by cutting cherry tomatoes one by one.


If you enjoy cooking or baking, these tips are bound to make your life easier. Try them and let me know if it worked for you. I have many more tricks to share, so come back for more next week.

Top Gardening Hacks for Those Green Fingers

Gardening is therapeutic, calming, and a great way to spend time in nature. If you are an avid gardener, you will love these tips. These hacks will make you more environmentally friendly, save you money and much more. We buy all of our gardening supplies at Lowes or Home Depot.

Use lemon rinds to start seedlings. Cut lemons in half and remove the flesh. Add soil and your seedlings. Now you have a natural planter that is also environmentally friendly and smells good.

Homemade watering can. Instead of spending money on buying watering cans, recycle old milk or water bottles and make your own. Punch small holes in the cap and voila. Now you have a gallon of water, a good handle for holding, and you did the environment a favor.

Shower caddies as planters. Shower caddies and other bathroom holders can be great planters. You can hang them on the wall, add a sail to each one to keep the soil inside, and plant. You now have a beautiful hanging herb garden.

Planters from toilet paper rolls. Toilet paper rolls are biodegradable and can make great planters. If you want to plant small seeds for herbs, use a toilet paper roll to make one. You need to cut and fold and voila. These are also very cute.

Coffee grounds are fertilizers. Use leftover coffee grounds as a form of fertilizer. Add them to the soil in your planters to enrich the soil and keep away pests.

Baking soda makes for sweeter tomatoes. Add baking soda to the soil in which your tomato plants are planted. This will get them taste less tart and add more delicious taste.

Back to school. Grow seeds that have been lying around for a while on a wet paper towel like you did in school. This will show you whether the seeds are still good to be planted or not.

It is very easy to use household items to make gardening easier and keep costs down. Recycling old bottles, broken cups, and different containers for planters will make your garden colorful, environmentally friendly, and fun.